The Need

Adani Realty, one of the country's biggest real estate players had created a path breaking project in the commercial sphere. Though it was ideally located in the prime business district of BKC where all the other big players were, its very advantage was showing up as a distinct disadvantage. It had to be saved from the very potential 'Me-too' syndrome. It had to stand out as the best commercial space provider amongst lesser commercial space providers. It had to have its own space –its higher ground.

The Idea

After an intensive study which revealed a variety of strengths and opportunities in the form of thoughtful amenities and innovative features, it was decided to create a 360 degree campaign for Inspire BKC that highlighted it as a thoughtful provider of futuristic amenities with a future-proofed adaptive ecosystem that was ready to expand with the expansion of its inhabitants. This was the key to elevate the project above its neighbours and raise it notches above its surroundings - way above all - as it’s positioning statement proclaimed.

The Result

With a communication campaign that countered the negative and positioned the address as a futuristic workspace for aspiring businesses, in a space that was portrayed as visually elevated, INSPIRE BKC was perceived as the place for an upwardly mobile business to be. Its elevated status is acknowledged by more and more takers as it is quickly set to reach complete occupancy in the near future.