The Need

Tata Housing wanted to sell its landmark project Amantra - located at one of the busiest road junctions - of the Mumbai-Nashik Expressway at the Kalyan-Bhiwandi Junction.

Bhiwandi is generally perceived as a down-market area for serious big-ticket residential buyers, and the whole idea, though it had a fully sold out phase 1, was lackluster for audiences of Phase 2 because of similar projects in nearby Thane, offering the buyer a greater range of brands to choose from, albeit at a higher price.

Considering that the project had received OC, the need was to come up with a communication strategy that established a distinct 'low price-plus-high amenity' bundle advantage in this project, versus nearby projects on the Thane fringe, just 20 minutes away.

The Idea

Amantra is made up of many phases, some with people already residing there, some with OC received and some yet to receive the OC. Since 1500 families were already residing in phase 1, the campaign for the residential phase to be advertised had to promise more than just ready to move-in homes. It had to showcase an already-being-lived lifestyle, satisfied customers and highlight the price benefit a buyer would get for the very same lifestyle just 20 minutes away from Thane. A campaign was designed to promote this.

The Result

Amantra - with its fully functional and ready to use amenities - scored high on livability factor because of its already sold-out status in the initial phases. The readiness of the offering was a unique differentiator which was available at a lower price than a similar offering just 20 minutes away. Also not to be missed was the fact that it was at an important and convenient junction where in time things could only get better. An important phrase we turned around subtly to a great perceptual advantage was the fact that we mentioned ‘Ready-to-live-in’ versus what everyone else offered - which was 'Ready-to-move-in'.