Sleep @ 10
Godrej Mattresses / Sleep @ 10
The Need

With every mattress manufacturer having almost the same thing to say about their mattresses, it was no surprise that all the mattress ads said almost the same thing. Albeit, in different ways. Clutter breaking and new, fresh and unspoiled were the keywords here. And it seemed after endless bouts of brainstorming and thinking, that the advertising itself ought to take another route. An unbeaten path perhaps?

The Idea

The groundbreaking idea we came up with for Godrej Mattresses was to go all out and devise a nationwide activity with a series of events for our target audience, that would allow us to completely own the property of a good night's sleep. What better way to own and dictate a market than to possess and rule the very criterion that pushes people to buy mattresses. Our thoughts concentrated into a widespread activity and nationwide exercise that became famous as Sleep@10. People were engaged online, through ads, participatory online gimmicks and events, on phone through whatsapp, by email, at malls, in their building societies, at their workplaces, on the streets - literally everywhere.

The Result

With celebrities being looped into the activity, famous sleep-expert medical practitioners endorsing and explaining the intricacies of sleep, visible participation on air, in print, on TV online and more, the campaign for sleep@10 has been and continues to be a huge success. Mainly it has built up the idea in the consumer's minds that Godrej Interio is concerned about their well being and sleep status and is going all out to make sure that this generation is not ravaged by the many issues that afflict those whose sleep habits are less than ideal. So much, so that when it finally boils down to the choice of mattress, the consumer tends to go with the most expert-seeming manufacturer - now Godrej Mattresses.