Ok Sir
Ok Sir / Launch
The Need

A new entrant into the online-service-provider arena, the client was at risk of being a 'me-too' product in an already burgeoning category which boasted many high spenders. The need was to be sensed and seen as visible, tangible and reliable - through category-breaking advertising and marketing ideas.

The Idea

Yellow and black - with typical easily-recognizable Olympic-like icons for promoting every service category was an idea that made the online visage of 'Ok Sir' a visual category-definer of sorts. Smart marketing plans and ads for select bouquet of services at very competitive prices made it a clincher when it came to choice.

The Result

'Ok Sir' garnered huge volumes of business almost as early as its inception and unveiling and is even now one of the most visible, visited and service heavy players in its category. It has now carved its own turf and is undoubtedly here to stay - and play.