The Krsna Metha Collection
Godrej Interior / The Krsna Mehta Collection
The Need

Godrej Interio, India's leading indigenous brand of home and office furniture was on the horns of a dilemma. They had a range of brilliantly designed minimalistic furniture ready to flood the market. But the question was, should they cleverly engineer audience perceptions and sell their new line of branded furniture at a higher ticket price, or should they simmer down and stick to the market prices and earn on higher numbers?

The Idea

Rightly deciphering the fact that the competition would undoubtedly copy the design and sell through sheer numbers, Godrej decided to own the design and lead the market. Since the design needed to be a hit, Godrej signed on the famous designer Krsna Mehta to select and incorporate signature fabrics and his own designs, creating a mindboggling range of stunningly attractive furniture. The launch, which kicked off with a fashion show featuring models with the collection, set the tone and pitch for its reception in the higher echelons of the market.

The Result

The resulting collection went down in furniture history as the irresistible and very top-end Godrej Interio Krsna Mehta collection. It was the collection of the moment that no one with an acute taste in design could resist sporting then. It went on to become a complete sellout where the huge pressing demand was constantly overtaking the supply, making it a runaway success.