Umbrella Identity
DLF Gardencity / Creating an Umbrella Identity
The Need

DLF is one of India's biggest real estate companies, owning the largest land bank in the country and thus the greatest asset base among realtors. Almost singlehandedly responsible for the development of Gurgaon as a city, they now are involved in the development of New Gurgaon the sister city of Delhi and NCR. They have multiple premium projects spread over a land bank of over 600 acres in New Gurgaon which they have named DLF Gardencity. Despite having a clear plan to develop the entire area the client felt the consumers were missing the larger picture.

The Idea

Cohesive umbrella branding is key here. Since the entire project comprised of islands of premium projects located short distances from each other all with different names, the task is to gather all under the umbrella of DLF Gardencity - which is possible only by tying up the names of the existing products to the umbrella brand. Also since the area owned by DLF is broken into islands with land owned by others also interspersed, a very visible outdoor hoarding and kiosk branding is essential to give drivers-by and visitors to the area the feel of the actual extent of the land that comprises DLF Gardencity and the benefits of life in this beautifully planned city.

The Result

Integrated campaigns for individual projects under the DLF Gardencity branding banner have given marvelous results and continue to work for the brand as envisaged. .